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Accurately counting and monitoring customer traffic is vital to evaluating and improving your business’ performance

Stiff competition, rising operations costs, logistical demands and a continuously evolving marketplace demand that businesses make accurately informed decisions to guarantee their success.

You can manage what you can measure

It is a fact of life that shopping centers are in the business of generating pedestrian traffic. The more customer traffic the center generates, the more attractive it becomes to the retailer. If the retailer finds the center more appealing, they become more willing to negotiate higher and longer leases.

Some retailers are needlessly missing out on sales and paying additional costs because they don’t use the most basic of sales information tools: customer traffic or to put it another way opportunity. Yes, they have POS data, but that is what went (past tense) through the cash register, not what they could have.

Reliance on point-of-sale (POS) data is effective at capturing sales but not in-store experiences, lost sales opportunities, or actual conversion rates.

Retailers require more information on their customers. They need to know where they go, what they respond to, how long they wait in line, and if they buy or not. If they don’t buy, they need to know why.

Retailers are looking for ever more cutting-edge methods to understand customer buying behavior and take full advantage of the insights available from new technology and data analytics.

The diverse choices we make as we transverse through a store greatly reflect how we feel about the decisions the retailer has made on design and selection of goods on display.

Given the fierce competition the traditional high street is facing, its wonder many still survive. With increasing threats from big-box retailers, internet sales, and interest rate changes, many have turned to the ever promising CRM (customer relationship management). “Know your customer better than you know yourself, one package proclaimed.”

Data savvy retailers have been practicing store traffic monitoring for well over a decade. In particular, apparel retailers have embraced foot traffic counts as a tool to help them understand and strategize their staffing, conversion, and marketing efforts. In-store analytics are critical and give retailers a more in-depth insight into crucial store metrics that a business can leverage to increase its bottom line.

Staff Planning & Optimization – whether you are in retail, leisure a service industry or a public sector venue; staff optimization is paramount, and not necessarily about reducing staff, but about ensuring that the right number of staff, are in the right place, at the right time to achieve the right staff to customer ratio.

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