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Store Force

A Real Time Solution

CountWise develops effective people and traffic counting and monitoring solutions that help to optimize the way your store is laid out, staff to customer ratios, and best company practices. StoreForce is one of our leading edge retail solutions that is built specifically for use by the Store Operations team. By implementing this technology into your company processes, you will experienced increased performance, enhanced productivity, and improved profitability.

StoreForce is a fully integrated solution which incorporates Task/Event management, Performance Management, Workforce Management, and is supported by a BI tool. In addition, the mobile application versions are able to deliver safe, encrypted content straight to iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, and all Windows and Android mobile devices.

Driving Retail Performance

To drive ongoing retail performance, we have developed an application that is fast, simple, intuitive, and effective. It should be easy to implement into existing store practices by field, corporate, and retail store staff. You can use StoreForce to:

  • Align staff to the amount of traffic in order to better serve your customers.
  • Align objectives by setting expectations and managing accountability.
  • Inform your staff by delivering real time feedback so that they can make more timely decisions
  • Manage your business more efficiently with state of the art intelligence solutions that better focus and direct your efforts.

The Platform Behind StoreForce

The web application was engineered using the latest Silverlight and .NET technologies to enable it to work on any platform including Mac OS, Windows, Linux, and in virtually any browser. It is built for security, speed, and reliability - The safety and security of your business is a main driving force behind our architecture and design.

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