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Workforce Management

Store Labor Suite

Labor is your largest controllable store expense. Our tool is simple, intuitive and willingly embraced by Store Managers to drive compliance and improve scheduling effectiveness: embracement is the key to driving value! Our solution offers a seamless integration of the process from scheduling to a production of an approved Time & Attendance payroll file.

Key Features

  • Our “best-of-breed” scheduling tool for retail, providing Store Managers with scheduling guidance while they draw, drag and drop shifts to create the optimum schedule;
  • Alignment of staff to forecasted customer patterns;
  • A re-forecast tool to provide guidance to adjust schedules if stores are trending differently than plan, or to plan to upcoming weather events;
  • The ability for field or corporate managers to review scheduling compliance prior to schedule publication;
  • The ability to send each employee their own schedule electronically to their home email or mobile device;
  • Integration of clock in/out data from our soft clock option, our biometric clock option, or your own clock system data;
  • An easy to use, exception-based Time & Attendance application;
  • Easy integration of reconciled Time & Attendance data to your payroll system, and automated exchange of employee master file information;
  • Zone-based maintenance of labor regulations.

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