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Task & Event Management

Task Management

Tasking is a key component of delivering your brand at Store level. Communicating tasks and task details can be cascaded in many ways, but once they are assigned to stores, how can you be sure that they are completed on time? Our solution allows you to assign, track and manage task completion - including sending the necessary task details down to the stores. Store Managers are presented with the current day's task list via "At a Glance", and have visibility to future tasks.

Event Management

Event management allows you to capture performance results for non-standard events. Common events include chain-wide promotions, piloting new concepts, testing the effectiveness of different types of marketing spend, or store specific conditions (e.g. mall renovations that affect traffic patterns). Our solution allows you to define an event, and tag the stores and dates that relate to that event. The system can then report on the impact of that event, and that event's history is maintained in the system to plan future, similar events.

Key Features

  • Full-featured Task Management system allowing the creation of recurring (e.g. Time & Attendance submissions) or ad-hoc tasks (e.g. layout changes);
  • Task success metrics are reported on in the system, and can alert field management to Stores where additional focus is required;
  • Event Management allows the tagging of stores using hierarchies (standard or alternate) or ad hoc groupings;
  • Event tagging allows the central office insight into the impact of non-standard events for use in the planning and budgeting process, and for the calculation of ROI when testing pilot concepts.

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