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Queue Management

A queue management system is paramount for any retail outlet. Many business owners and managers do not realize the great importance of managing checkout lines. You may think that just because a customer falls in line, you are already guaranteed a sale; that kind of thinking is inaccurate in many cases. Certain customers have no patience waiting in long queues, and easily get annoyed and frustrated.

For an establishment that deals with large quantities of customers every day, the need to manage checkout lines never goes away. Poorly-operated checkouts lead to unpleasant customer experience, which is always bad for business.

CountWise is here to make your checkout lines run smoothly. As a global leader in the people counting industry, we offer you a cutting-edge system to take your queue management to the next level and make sure you keep practically every customer who joins a queue to the counter.

A Pioneering Technology

Our I-Count is the apt solution to help you overcome your queuing challenges. This is a multi-lane video-based platform that is the first of its kind. We take pride in the science behind our product. Made by our ingenious developers, this groundbreaking counter was developed out of video-imaging and military technologies and is protected by a variety of patents. The I-Count operates with complete compatibility with our powerful analytics tool, the Analyzer.

Mind-Blowing Capabilities

This counter is one of our smartest products today. Not only does it gather and transmit real-time images of people at checkout lines, but its recognition algorithms make it possible to calculate standing and waiting times of customers in one or multiple lanes. The I-Count has the ability to distinguish shopping carts from customers and it does not count passersby and staff stationed at checkouts.

Leverage I-Count to boost your queue management. Contact us today for inquiries.