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People Counting Software

Traffic counting is a two-part technology—the hardware and the software. It doesn’t matter how accurate the data a business collects regarding the number of people entering their establishments. The data you generate are merely meaningless numbers without an advanced program to make them comprehensible. Understanding this important distinction in the data industry is what sets us apart from the competition.

Business owners and managers already have their hands full with the routine operations of the trade, and the last thing you need is the trouble of organizing the traffic numbers you gather.

The engineers at CountWise are fully aware of this common dilemma of businesses. Technology is supposed to make life less difficult, which is why we pride ourselves by being able to take the more complex aspects of traffic data management and analytics out of the equation with our impressive range of solutions.

Ultimate Counting Analytics Tool

We bring you Analyzer—a complete people counting software suite to help you make sense of the figures you collect. This software is born out of our philosophy that traffic information has to be easy to understandable in order to become effective. This is why we made it a point to accompany our cutting-edge counters with a groundbreaking program that allows the data to be read at a glance. This program has the intelligence to customize reports by different variables and break down information into an array of parameters. This takes your analytics several notches higher from your previous practices.

Key Set of Features

Our people counting software is highly secure, as it is located in your own network, and it has multiple user hierarchy and security access. It provides pre-configured graphs and reports displayed on a fluid layout and user-friendly interface. Our program delivers comprehensive system, traffic, and daily reports along with comparative data for time, location, and region.

Whether you are at home, in the office, or on the go, accessing your numbers through our readily accessible people counting software is a breeze. It is browser-based for local and remote access, allowing your data to be within reach, no matter where you are without compromising its security.

Contact us today for inquiries for more information regarding the installation, operation, and support for the Analyzer. Browse through the rest of our website as well, and find out more about the other state-of-the-art counting programs that we offer.