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Customer Counting

Customer traffic is the true measure of a store's marketing. Total sales is based on the sum of leads you generate, therefore the fewer people you attract, the lower your chances to make a profit. As there is no one-size-fits-all marketing strategy you can implement to drive constant revenue, you need to understand your traffic trends while taking some variables into consideration, such as the weather and time of the day. Only by having a clear picture of your store traffic can you make informed business decisions that truly matter.

Customer counting systems are the perfect solution to gather concrete store traffic data. Counters are just a small investment compared to the invaluable information you can get out of them. Regardless of the size of your establishment, whether it is a large-scale shopping mall or local convenience store, you can rely on the proven expertise of CountWise to meet your unique people counting needs with excellence.

Unequaled Solutions for All Applications

CountWise is a premier provider of exceptional counting products and services. Our solutions not only help you collect vital store traffic information, but also allow you to make sense of the data. We can separate the counts by time or by entrance and include other important factors to help you analyze your data with ease.

We know no two establishments are built equal, thus the type of customer counter needed for an establishment varies. With our adept and experienced team of specialists, you can trust us to provide the perfect solution that will accurately count your store traffic no matter what your application.

Best-in-Class Customer Service

Our ability to deliver unparalleled customer service is the reason why we have been this successful in the business and considered as the authority in customer count. Our long list of high-profile clients around the world alone is a testament to the level of service we provide.

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