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Countwise Analyzer Software Suite

Identifies and tracks traffic pattern ratios in real time

The Analyzer provides pre-defined reports and graphs in a user-friendly interface. It allows customization per location, reporting period and timed intervals to readily indentify opportunities for intervention. Drill down traffic flows and trends per region or location, daily, hourly and other parameters to obtain an accurate and true picture of customer business interface.

Features & Benefits

  • Secure: Located on customer's network
  • Pre-configured reports
  • Multiple user hierarchy and access security
  • Browser-based for local and remote access
  • System Reports
  • Traffic Reports
  • Daily Reports
  • Comparative reports (Time, Location, and Region)

Powerful Analytics Tools

Analyzer provides analytical management tools that integrate statistics and graphs. This helps to indentify traffic spikes and troughs to optimize conversion ratios, marketing effectiveness, staying time and scheduling. In addition, it imports and integrates data with other platforms including financials, point of sale, and scheduling thus granting total data accessibility and ownership.

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