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Why Count

Accurately counting and monitoring customer traffic is vital to evaluating and improving your business’ performance

Stiff competition, rising operations costs, logistical demands and a continuously evolving marketplace demand that businesses make accurately informed decisions to guarantee their success.

People Counting & Monitoring provides you with the information essential to your business; how many people walk through your doors, where do they go, how long they wait in line for service, etc. Keeping track of your pedestrian traffic allows you to accurately and effectively plan and implement your business strategies, in both present and future.

Your company invests heavily in getting potential customers through your front doors – Traffic Counting & Monitoring allows you to gather information about these customers and convert them to buyers and learn how to keep them coming back.

The Benefits of CountWise

EXACT knowledge of your customer to sale conversion rate.

Monitor the exact number of potential customers that enter your store and integrate with actual purchases to understand your conversion ratios. Use conversion ratios (potential customers vs. actual transactions) as a KPI for store effectiveness, staffing, marketing effectiveness and as an incentive to store managers and staff.

PRECISE staff scheduling and deployment. Elimination of excessive overhead.

Synchronize staff assignment to match your customer influx and traffic patterns, maximizing your customers’ service satisfaction while minimizing superfluous expenses. In the past, businesses based staffing on historic transaction data – CountWise delivers the tools that allow you to streamline your staff to serve all potential customers, based on both real-time and historic data. If based solely on historic sales data, retailers will find it challenging to enhance their staff to effectively increase their conversion rate of visitors into customers.

EFFECTIVE evaluation of your advertising and marketing campaigns.

Empirically test the effectiveness of your advertising and marketing efforts, both public and on-site, by comparing them to your visitor count, customer traffic patterns by zones, and sales data.

CountWise provides a simple tool that delivers empirical data that can display X marketing dollars equals Y growth in traffic to your business. Your company benefits by knowing what message works and how to define marketing budgets based on projected traffic goals.

RELIABLE store performance reviews and branch comparisons.

Review and compare single or multiple branches with quantifiable data about your customer traffic counts and patterns, conversion rates, expenses, revenues, and overall profitability. With CountWise's tools, each location can independently identify the information needed to reach optimal conversion ratios. Imagine every store in a chain improving their conversion by 2% on an ongoing basis. On a chain-wide scale, the increase in profitability is tremendous.

The CountWise team works with you on developing and implementing practices custom-designed to your needs. By garnering the full potential of CountWise's products, you can garner the full potential of your business.

REAL-TIME evaluation of your company's progress.

Keep real-time tabs on your customer traffic and behavioral patterns by specific areas in your business, as well as customer service, maintenance, and security staff efficiency—allowing you to answer any need as it arises.

THOROUGH understanding of your conversion rate and return on investment over hours, days, weeks, months, seasons, and years.

Examine your business’ performance and profitability by any number of numerous parameters—objectively or overlapping over hours, days, weeks, months, seasons and years.

"People-counting is tremendously effective and is key to helping us grow our business and better serve our customers. The managers and marketing people have confidence in the data and are using the data daily to optimize operations."


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