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People Counter System

Reliable Electronic People Counter from CountWise

Traffic counters are electronic devices that are installed at entrances to count the number of people as they walk into the building or certain areas. These devices collect data and break them up into key variables, such as the number of entrance, operation hours, sales transactions, and more. The numbers generated turn into invaluable intelligence that enables companies to make sound and informed business decisions that will streamline their operations to become more efficient.

If you are in need of concrete figures about establishment traffic to work on and would like to avoid developing your marketing strategies blindly, CountWise has got you covered. Our company is a premier provider of people counters and similar solutions worldwide. The exceptional products and services we deliver is trusted by many industry-leading companies in different parts of the globe.

Solutions with Superior Capabilities

CountWise gives you access to a large array of innovative people counters that specialize in gathering data accurately and comprehensively. We take pride in the science behind our products. Our technology is on a completely different level compared to our competition. We employ many of the top professionals, a team of experienced and adept specialists responsible for the unrivaled design and features of our counting systems.

Different businesses demand owners to adopt various styles to make their operations more effective, as well as make their stores more attractive to customers. Our product selection includes virtually all types of traffic counters available in the market. From overhead and horizontal beam-type sensors, to bi-directional and wireless technologies, we have everything to cater to your unique needs.

Customer Service at its Finest

At CountWise, we understand that our products require a bit of analysis and training to use effectively. This is why we’ve trained all our staff to put a premium on customer service. Not only are we committed to developing the best people counters on the market, but we are also passionate about making this process a trouble-free experience on your part.

Our product specialists are highly-trained, well-mannered, and ready to assist you every step of the way. We will listen to your requirements and suggest the right solution while taking your budget constraints into consideration. You can only expect top-notch installation and support from our experts.

Explore the rest of our website so that you can find out more about our diverse range of people counters. Don’t hesitate to contact us at your most convenient time for questions or inquiries regarding the operation or purpose of any of the products that we offer.

"In a business like ours accurate people-counting is absolutely critical and CountWise has not disappointed."

Vice President

Major Transportation Company