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CountWise Launches its 1st Class Online Support Platform

CountWise announced the launch of its new online support center offering clients an unmatched level of total customer service. This “always on” service delivers the Company’s customers and partners the option to access information, training, update software versions on their terms and schedule without the need to be dependant on someone else’s schedule and time zone.

“Our ability to answer clients need before having track down a CSR does not only improve the customer experience, it makes my team’s resource allocation much more effective and in-turn adds additional value to our clients” says CountWise’s Technical Manager, Ben Antebi.

The new customer support system has all the elements of a traditional trouble ticket submission platform with archives and history. The true added benefits are in its capacity to allow clients not only a simple 24/7 support system but it allows them a single point of contact with our company for their own internal training, system tracking and yes, problem resolution too.

CountWise prides itself on its ability to deliver customers the industry’s most precise and versatile traffic counting platform alongside a very client centric doctrine focusing on delivering the highest level of personal customer service. The launch of this platform was achieved through a real understanding of the customer’s process of integrating People Counting as part of their business strategy and the Company’s ability to make the process seamless and simple on the Customer’s end from day one and on.

CountWise, LLC is the manufacturer of the industry’s most precise people counting products and services that allow retail stores & chains, mall operators, casinos and public transportation companies to leverage accurate traffic data to improve performance and profitability.