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CountWise Completes Guitar Center Rollout

CountWise is pleased to announce that it has completed its rollout for Guitar Center – a leading retailer of musical instruments – which selected the industry-leading I-Count™ technology for installation in its stores following an extended side by side test period with other people counting solutions. The CountWise solution provides multi-zone, bi-directional pedestrian traffic counting that is typically used by retailers to build baselines for conversion ratios and staff scheduling in order to provide the best service and customer experience with higher operational efficiency.

I-Count™ will deliver Guitar Center with consistent data that is more than 95% accurate – the most precise readings in the industry. Moreover, the I-Count™ differentiates between adults and children and operates at full frame rates under any traffic density.

“I-Count is the perfect solution for Guitar Center and we are delighted that they agreed with us that we provide the best solution in the industry” remarks CountWise CEO Ilan Levran. “We are dedicated to providing them with the best service and most accurate data available”.

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