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Birks & Mayors Switch to CountWise

CountWise is proud to announce that its I-Count™ people counting solution has been chosen by Birks & Mayors Jewelers, a leading upscale jewelry chain, replacing their existing people counting provider. The I-Count™ solution features an advanced digital image processing and real time adaptive algorithms that adapt to ambient conditions and overcome shadows and reflection. This contributes greatly to the Company’s industry-leading accuracy rates.

With each I-Count™ unit covering up to 5 counting zones, Mayors will obtain the data necessary to examine conversion rates and staff assignments, leading to an even greater customer experience and cost effective operations.

“Mayors is a honor for CountWise as it continues our acceptance by high end retailers and further demonstrates our emerging leadership in the people counting sector” remarks CountWise CEO Ilan Levran. “As we continue with our remarkable growth we will continue to deliver to Mayors and other leading retailers the most advanced and accurate technologies possible”.

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