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Countwise Announces Anna's Linens As Their Latest Retail Client

CountWise, the People-Counting Solutions company, announced today that Anna's Linens, the bath, bedding, and home decor company, is the latest addition to CountWise's distinguished roster of retail clients.

Anna's Linens chose CountWise as its people-counting partner after evaluating different technologies and determining that CountWise's video based technology with shape recognition would provide the company with the most reliable and accurate data. Initially, Anna's Linens installed the I-COUNT system in 5 of its stores throughout the country to test CountWise's accuracy claim of >95%, its reliability and consistency, as well as the system's ability to operate in different environmental conditions. After a 60 day trial, the team concluded that the I-COUNT system was accurate and reliable on all fronts.

Following the test, CountWise's analytics team worked together with Anna's team to better understand how to best utilize the data in order to make staffing decisions based on the actual number of customers, and not on historic transaction data. The valuable data would enable Anna's Linens to incorporate new KPIs in its business processes that would increase conversion ratios by optimizing staff placement. Additionally, Anna's Linens would be able to accurately measure its marketing campaign effectiveness by monitoring ROI based on actual people traffic that resulted from specific campaigns.

"Anna's Linens is committed to being a leader in its industry and as such we are investing in the CountWise technology and methodology that will help us to increase our conversion and have better control over this powerful metric. This data will be used across functional areas in Store Operations, Marketing, Training, and Merchandising, and will help us measure the performance of our strategic initiatives related to productivity," says Scott Gladstone, COO of Anna's Linens. "People-counting is tremendously effective and it's key in helping us grow our business and better serve our customers. After deploying and testing the I-COUNT systems in our stores we are confident that CountWise is the best partner for Anna's, as we implement this powerful tool."

"We're very pleased to have Anna's Linens as our latest partner and client," says CountWise president Amir Chitayat. "The unmatched accuracy of our technology and the usefulness of our data analysis will help Anna's Linens to continue to grow faster and more profitably while having better control over business KPI.."

About CountWise

CountWise is a global leader of People Counting solutions, allowing businesses to accurately evaluate their people traffic, and draw from it the tools they require to improve their bottom line. The only company in its industry with an accuracy of greater than 95%, CountWise's revolutionary technology was developed with military knowhow and combines highly sophisticated shape recognition with video motion detection in several robust and affordable products. The CountWise technology has been implemented by leading retailers including Tesco, H&M, Lord & Taylor, IKEA, ING, and Adidas, as well as shopping malls, casinos, and various government institutions.

CountWise is a privately held company headquartered in Sunrise, Florida, with additional offices in New York, Toronto, London and Dubai . To learn more about CountWise, please visit

About Anna's Linens

Anna's Linens, headquartered in Costa Mesa, California was founded in 1988 by its current CEO Alan Gladstone and named after his mother, Anna. Anna's Linens is a rapidly growing specialty retailer of high quality, value priced domestics and home furnishings. Anna's offers a broad selection of bed linens, bath accessories, window coverings, and other home decor items, including throw pillows, candles, kitchen textiles, and area rugs.

Anna's Linens currently operates over 255 stores in 21 states, with over 2,000 employees. Anna's operates retail locations in Alabama, Arizona, California, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin.

To learn more about Anna's Linens, please visit