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Company Overview

About CountWise

CountWise is a global technology company providing people-traffic monitoring solutions to private and public entities. Our suite of innovative products and services helps businesses optimize their:

  • People Counting
  • Customer Behavior
  • Customer Service
  • Queue Management

CountWise innovative technology and applications helps improve operational efficiency and profitability. Whether capturing traffic flows, preventing queue bottlenecks, monitoring zone and customer service activity, or managing data applications, CountWise products address the full range of traffic monitoring challenges with unparalleled accuracy and reliability. Businesses are now able to improve their operations by increasing conversion ratios, optimizing staffing, improving customer service, and objectively measuring marketing strategy effectiveness

Mission Statement

To be the Global leader in products, services and solutions that enables and transforms the way our clients respond to the constantly changing needs of their business.


  • CountWise is a fast growing multinational company headquartered in Florida, USA with regional offices in United Kingdom, Canada, France, China, UAE and Australia.
  • Led by industry veterans and a strong development team whose expertise in industrial vision control and wealth of experiences in retail data management has provided exceptional year on year growth and the registering of over a dozen patents.
  • Our strategic relationships with our clients within the retail, retail banking and transportation markets, has enabled CountWise to develop best of breed solutions, demonstrating clear definable return on investment.
  • Our clients include some of the most prestigious global portfolios within the retail, transportation and banking world.

CountWise Technology

CountWise has the most accurate technology in the People Counting sector. Utilizing their unique SRT ™ (Shape Recognition Technology) they are able to guarantee a 95% or better accuracy rate. Their technology driven solutions offer superior data and analytics, allowing their clients to optimize operational efficiency.

CountWise Services

CountWise services include real-time customer traffic collection, auditing, remote system management using industry-leading people counting technology. CountWise has a global reach that can meet the demands of our client base by accomplishing the following:

  • Offer competitive pricing and superior customer service to meet your needs
  • We design & manufacture our own counting technology, unlike most others in the market who OEM their equipment
  • We guarantee a 95% or better accuracy rate utilizing their unique SRT ™ (Patented Shape Recognition Technology)
  • Have a range of offerings in the people counting world, including the world’s 1st video based Shape Recognition system for multi-lane Queue Management
  • Have a proven track record with National and International Tier One Retailers

As a global leader with over 30,000 installations, CountWise solutions are helping more than 250 retailers worldwide improve their understanding of customer traffic behavior.